Hiero Body is a brand with a purpose. The company crossed aromatherapy with natural skincare products to help customers manifest a better mental state for meditation, mindfulness, and intention. Aside from the mental benefits, their products are completely natural and made with oils and butter to provide long-lasting moisture.


Hiero Body needed a site that embodied their brand and seamlessly incorparated information, shopping, and high-impact visuals. Hiero was still in its infancy stage when the idea for the website was presented requiring strategically designing for growth and expansion.

Hiero has such a deep purpose and significant meaning for the owners so we had to make sure we were providing beautiful design coupled with room to be informative via blog posts and ability for content sharing.

  • Logo Design
  • Custom Photography
  • Social Media Profile Generation
  • Product Labeling
  • eCommerce Website Design


Syncere Creative designed and developed the online presence from ground up from a solid marketing strategy.


The Hiero Body website was developed for desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers and consists of cutting edge UI/UX design around the unique concept of angular design.


Create an informative and brand specific website.

[ Delivering multimedia content in style. ]


Since its launch, Hiero Body has more than doubled their sales and saw a 8.8% conversion rate.The brand is increasing its awareness online and via national media attention.